We are happy to announce that we have moved to a new location in Ludwigsburg. Our old office served us well, and we made great memories there.
The new office is actually in the “Film- und Medienzentrum” in Ludwigsburg, putting us right on the street and looking out onto relaxing avenue heading towards the famous „Ludwigsburger Schloß“. We’re excited about the hustle and bustle happening outside our windows and all of the restaurants within an easy walking distance of the new location.

While we were happy with our space, there were several motivating factors to make a move:
The new office allowed us to rethink our layout. We were able to start from scratch by knocking down walls and putting up others that better fit our needs.
In our last office, we were on the first floor of a building surrounded by a dozen other firms. While we really liked our neighbors, our new location in the Film- und Medienzentrum is a perfect environment to get into the creative spirit, because there are many firms based, which work in similar creative fields.

As we grow, we continue to learn a lot about what we value in our workplace (collaborative and creative environments). So we are very excited to announce that we share our space with the 3D Artist Raphael Rau from SILVERWING-VFX. We’re all huge advocates for this community.

From now you’ll find us at
Königsallee 43
71638 Ludwigsburg